Half Beef Deposit

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  • Half Beef Deposit
  • Half Beef Deposit
  • Half Beef Deposit
  • Half Beef Deposit
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  • Our price is $4 per hanging weight pound. Pay $100 deposit now to secure your beef.
  • Beef will be dry aged for two weeks.
  • We will let you know what the total hanging weight is as soon as your beef is processed.
  • The take home weight is approximately 65% of the hanging weight.
  • Fully customizable-You will be able to tell the processor exactly how you want your beef cut.
  • All cuts will be vacuumed sealed and flash frozen.
  • 100% grass fed
  • No antibiotics or hormones


Please note:

There is a processing fee that you will need to pay when you pick up your beef.

You will need to pick this order up at:

Blalock Meats

193 Ponderosa Rd

Rabun Gap, GA 30568

The half beef hanging weight averages 250 lbs. Using this weight as an example the price breakdown would be as follows:

  • Half Beef purchase price is $4 times 250 lbs. = $1000
  • Processing fees
    • Slaughter fee $65
    • Vacuum Seal Packaging is $0.90 times hanging weight, which would equal $225


Rough Estimates of Cuts and Quantities:


Cut Weight Quantity Total
Ground Beef 1 lb. 84 pkgs. = 84 lbs.
T-Bone Steak 0.9 lbs. 10 pkgs. = 9 lbs.
Cowboy Cut Ribeye  0.7 lbs. 10 pkgs. = 7 lbs.
Filet 0.4 lbs. 2 pkgs. = 0.8 lbs.
Boneless Sirlion  1.1 lbs 4 pkgs. = 4.4 lbs.
Chuck Roast  3.3 lbs. 6 pkgs. = 19.8 lbs.
Loin Tip Roast 3.1 lbs. 2 pkgs. = 6.2 lbs.
Short Ribs 1.4 lbs. 8 pkgs. = 11.2 lbs.
Knuckle Bones 2.7 lbs. 2 pkgs. = 5.4 lbs.
Shank Bones 1 lb. 2 pkgs. = 2 lbs.
Liver 1.1 lbs. 2 pkgs. = 2.2 lbs.
    Total 152


About our Cows:

  • Our calves are born, raised and finished here on the farm.  This allows us to steward them carefully and ensure that we are providing you with an excellent product.
  • They are allowed to grow at a natural pace without the use of hormones.  They are naturally very healthy, and we do not need to use antibiotics.
  • They graze freely on nutrient dense grass that is never treated with chemical fertilizers herbicides or pesticides.
  • These cows are never given the grains that their digestive system was not designed to handle.
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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Half Beef

    Posted by Terry Stone on Sep 24th 2020

    Very satisfied. Will buy again in the future.

  • 3
    Half beef

    Posted by Sylvia Sellars on Sep 16th 2020

    Loved experience of working with Faithful Farms and price was fair. What we have cooked so far has been tough. Didn’t expect that with grass fed beef. Good flavor once you get past the toughness. Going to try tenderizer on next cooking.

  • 5
    First Time Purchase

    Posted by Danny on Sep 16th 2020

    The process for purchasing simple, the processor was great. The meat has been fantastic. We will purchase again from Faithful Farms.

  • 5
    Half Beef

    Posted by Josh and Sarah Cunningham on Jul 28th 2020

    Great product, easy process, fantastic people to work with. As long as Faithful Farms sells beef, we will be purchasing from the Davis family.

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by Christopher Judge on Jun 5th 2020

    Friendly family folks with first class business professionalism!!!!

  • 5
    Best quality and value!

    Posted by Michal Moss on Jul 5th 2017

    We have purchased two halves from Faithful Farms and will be customers as long as they are raising cows! The beef is excellent quality and the value is unbeatable. The owners were gracious enough to let us tour their farm before our first purchase so that we could ensure the quality of the meat. We were very impressed and confident that the cows are being raised to produce very healthy beef. The processor they use is careful to cut the beef exactly how you want it done and it is nicely wrapped and labeled with cut and weight. You absolutely will not be disappointed with your purchase from this farm!

  • 5

    Posted by Jaimie Ninan on Dec 8th 2016

    The beef is amazing. The cuts were nicely done. The price is not as high if you were to get it from the grocery store.

  • 5
    Awesome people Awesome service!

    Posted by The Frasier Family on Mar 9th 2016

    My family and I drove about 4 hours to the farm and was taken by the hospitality and service. My kids had a wonderful time feeding the livestock and fell in love with Wallace (the family herd dog...shout out to you Wallace!). We absolutely love the quality and care that goes into what they do at Faithful Farms! The meat is delicious!!! My kids are now requesting hamburgers every night and my husband loves the steaks so much that he is now cooking them for me!! Lol...We will definitely be returning and staying faithful customers!! We cannot wait to see what else this farm produces in the years to come!

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